Cable Actor stiff, can't seem to get slack in wire

I’m having an issue trying to get the Cable Actor to have some slack between connecting points much like a power line would between spans. Despite changing the details of the originating cable to include additional distance and segments the wire still appears stiff in the editor and also in PIE. Any suggestions? I’m very new to Unreal so I know I’m probably overlooking something right under my nose. Any guidance would be much appreciated.


I’ve just started experimenting with cables as well, but the issue might be with the Cable Length. From what I’ve seen so far, cables will stretch to the point that you attach them to even if that exceeds the actual Cable Length, but you’ll have almost no slack. Try upping your cable length from 100 to something like 1000 or so and then dial it back until it looks right.

Hope that helps!

This was indeed the issue. Being new to UE4 working in centimeters has taken some getting used to but I’m coming around. Thanks for your response, I’ll mark solved.

Also, If you figure out a way to set the mass of the cable please do share. Right now they seem to flop around like they have very little mass despite cranking up the solver Iterations which helps with the rigidness. Unfortunately though, the cables react as if they have very little weight still.