C4D workflow

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I’m starting a new little archviz project ! I’m a beginner so i am going to need your help, first i have my model in C4D and i don’t know how export it in UE4 : i know that for archviz, meshes must have 2UV, but how i call them ? If you have other advices for me before go in UE4 I’ll take it !

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Heya, welcome to Unreal!

Have a look at this thread, a couple of questions should be answered before you can even ask them :slight_smile:


Hey all, i have just import my meshes in ue4 and it seems to have some problems, it’s maybe the uv i don’t know. here my scene : i would like have the uv clean (which is black surrounded).

Thanks for answering ! :slight_smile:

I had problems with fbx export from cinema, too.
From what I understand Cinema does not support shading groups.
So when you export fbx you loose your hard/soft edges.
However you can do your modelling, uv layouts and material setup in cinema - then export fbx and do the shading groups in blender.
Or if you have access to an educational license from autodesk I would suggest to switch to 3ds max.

Oh ok thanks i will try to export to 3ds max before in ue4

@Konzept3D: that’s not entirely true.
While there are issues with the fbx export from Cinema 4D to UE4, you can export shading just fine in most cases.

The Mesh and Tags have to be set up correctly and export options have to be right, though.
I’d also recomend VertexNormalTool plugin for having more control over the vertexnormals.
There’s a free Lite version, but also a “pay what you want” version of it.

For more details about the Mesh setup and export/import settings, look here:

One small addition of an issue i discovered just recently:
if you use two UV channels, the smoothing won’t import correctly into UE4, so any angle >0° will have a hard edge.

BUT, the issue you have isn’t related to smoothing groups at all.
It’s an issue with the UV layout or maybe the lack of one.

The Texture is stretched in the black marked areas, since the UVs there have no proper layout.
Use a checkerboard texture in C4D and you should get the same result, at least when the material is set to UVW mapping.

I’d also recomend to right click on the UV-Tag and choose “help” from the context menue.
It’ll bring up the part of the documentary that is about UV mapping.
Read it, follow the links and read that too. It can give you a good overview about the topic.
(this hint might also help you in a lot of other situations, since the C4D help is very good)

@kraid: I’m sure you’re right.
I could not get the VertexNormalTool to work. I spent a day figuring out how to export properly and in the end decided to use 3ds Max and don’t need to worry :wink:
Also I found out that you get texturing errors, when your uv islands are located far away from the center of your map or scaled really big.
In these cases you need to set a higher tiling value in your texture maps and scale back the uv islands.

The UV islands have to be placed inside the UV space, tiling and scale can be done with TexCoord node in the UE4 Material.