C4D UV position

I’m trying to export a model from C4D to UE4, but I want to offset the UV map in C4D (to position the texture correctly). However, it seems to make no difference at all once imported and the texture stays in the same position.

Not sure if I’m missing a step before exporting, or if it’s something in the material editor in UE4.

Any help?

You need to do it in the Material. You add a texcoord node and add or multiply the UV’s


Wouldn’t that mean an individual material for every instance of the material? Doesn’t that take away the point of using UV maps?

EG. If I reused the same texture on various objects or surfaces, with different heights / sizes, I would need to manually set the scale and position in an individual material for each, rather than being able to apply it how I want in the 3d program?

Hmm sorry I may have misread your initial question, post a screenshot of your UV’s in C4D so I can see what you want to do. If you are moving a UV shell around in the UV 0-1 space then yes that should be working. If you want, send a simple C4D model too.