C4D -> UE - 2 UV Tags one for Textue and one for lighmap phong shading problem. (FBX)

Dear Community,

i got some problems with exporting an object our of c4d wit h2 diffrent uv sets (Tags)
I got one for the texture and one for the lightmap.

if i import it with just the texture tag … the pong shading is fine.


But if i add an lightmap uv set … the phong shading is gone.


I’ve also uploaded the Testfile here:

best regards,

-how do you add the 2nd uv map + are you sure that it’s on the 2nd channel?
-what happens when you build your light?
-do you get any import errors?
-could you probably upload the file as a fbx or obj file -> cant open c4d files with blender :smiley:

I got a smoothing group error on both meshes.

When i build the lighting, the one with 1set is fine, but then i do not have control
over the lightmap … just texture UVs. UE is generating the lightmap UVs then.

If i have 2 Sets … the “no” phong shading remains even if i build the lighting.

Edit: Yes i am adding 2 sets of UVs … i am using 2 UVsets already a lot with
zbrush. But there i am using obj as export format.

Here are the 2 files:

1 uvset

2 uvsets

Thank you for your help.

Just imported the fbx with 2UVsets into Blender … changed smoothing and exported it again.
And it is working. No fix but a workaround …

i will notice Maxon about this problem, and point to this thread,
because the problem seems to be the export in C4D.

Here is the blender 2 UV set FBX which is working fine.