C4D to UE4 anyone?

So, been busy putting the advice given here to good use and happy with results, but I do have one issue. I’ve noticed parts of my imported models from CGaxis and evermotion look strange as shown in the images. Any idea what causes this and how to fix. I am using UE4.11.


Looks like Lightmap issues.

I bet you’re using very highpoly meshes and the lightmap UVs are created by Unreal on Import.

Hi Kraid, not sure matey :slight_smile:

I’m using various mods I’ve purchased over the years from evermotion, CG axis etc that have no issues in vrayforc4d. I export them as FBX from c4d and import them in to UE4. Maybe I’m missing something on import?

Realtime rendering with pre-baked lighting cannot be compared to raytraced rendering.
Something that looks ok in Vray doesn’t have to look good in UE4, too.

UE4 by default is using textures to store pre-baked light and shadows.

This so called lightmap is created based on a second UV layer that can have a completly different layout
then the first one used for the texture of the mesh.

These lightmap UV layouts follow a different set of rules then the UV Layout for the mesh texture.