C4d import issues

In C4D, there is a multi-material object. I copied a few using Instance, and then introduced UE4 with Datasmiith.
If I choose Instance, the material is correct in UE4, but not a single object. If I choose Render Instance, it is a single object in UE4, but the material is wrong。

Does anyone know what is going on and help answer it, thank you

TBH, i’m suprised that the exporter converts instances to something usable at all.
Usually all unknown objects are ignored when you export e.g. to fbx.
So Datasmith really seems to be more advanced in this matter.

In the first case it also handles it correctly, because an instance is just like a clone of another object.
The second case however seems to have issues with assigning the material selections during the process of combining the meshes.

For now i guess you have to convert all your instances manually in C4D and combine the meshes before export.
Unless the Datasmith import dialog has a “combine meshes” option just like the fbx importer.
In that case go with the instances in instance mode and use this combine option.

i have recently discovered that if you import an fbx from c4d and double click on it, you can find a lot of import options in the details tab that you can adjust and then click on reimport in the toolbar to import a different way. might be useful for somone who doesnt know about it…including the option to not have only 1 merged ucx mesh.

i would be interersted to know how to export a multibody mesh from c4d and have it import all components with their pivot points set to 0,0,0.