C4800: Implicit conversion from 'T' to bool - Compile error when using VS2019

I recently forked and cloned the latest release branch that updates the engine to 4.22 and I’m noticing that there are several errors when attempting to build the engine via VS2019. I’m getting lots of [FONT=courier new]Implicit conversion from ‘T’ to bool errors that fail the building process. I’ve attached a picture that might help as reference.

If I build the engine with VS2017, everything works fine. But if I build with VS2017, I can’t then use VS2019 as my primary editor for projects - changing the VS version in the Editor Preferences and trying to create and run a C++ project just forces a recompile of the engine, so then I get the same errors as above.

Is anyone else having this problem when building in VS2019? Does anyone have a fix? Thanks for any help.

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