C2280 Thrown in Struct

Hello - I’m trying to port this plugin from 4.10 from 4.11, as HMD support seems to be a bit broken in 4.10 (but for my purposes seems to work fine in 4.11):

The problem I’ve encountered is nasty and outside of my programming field of expertise as a designer - FPSMoveRawControllerData_Concurrent is throwing a C2280 because (I believe) a copy constructor is being generated for it by the compiler when it should not be, as the struct is considered a Plain Old Data structure. If anyone has the knowledge to fix it, I’d certainly appreciate the assist!

You get this error when some of your properties in the struct are uninitalised. In the example below Description is not initialised.

struct MyStruct {


FName Name;
FName Description;

    Name = "None";