C++/VS Can't Find SplineComponent.h

I’m attempting to add a Spline Component to an Actor through C++ however Visual Studio doesn’t appear to acknowledge SplineComponent.h in any way. I’ve loaded up my game’s editor, and successfully added a SplineComponent to a Blueprint, physically (well virtually) verified SplineComponent.h inside the Source of 4.3 inside the Runtime/Engine/Classes/Components which I can open just fine, and I’ve also double checked to make sure my project rebuilt its project files with 4.3 as its version number (Right Click → Switch Engine Version), attempted a search inside the Solution Explorer (with no results), and lastly I tried both class forwarding and using a #include of EngineSplineClasses as well as SplineComponent to no avail.

Yet I still can’t seem to have any sort of class recognition of it, nor create a Subobject of it to add it to the class for use as a component, it simply does not seem to know it’s there, including in the Solution Explorer.

However, when I’m typing in my include file, the suggestion box does come up with results for “SplineComponent.generated.h”, just not the actual .h file.

Error: Cannot open source file “SplineComponent.h”
SplineComponent is not a class

bump. i am interested in it too

I think i found it.

Add this before your include “X.generated.h”

#include “Runtime/Engine/Classes/Components/SplineComponent.h”


I believe

#include “Components/SplineComponent.h”

works too.