C++/Unreal Programmer, experience with Unreal Plugins


We have some development work available.

We provide 360 degree projection domes (http://www.igloovision.com). Currently we do a lot of work with clients who provide content created in Unity, we have create a camera package that outputs a 360 strip of content using either Spout for windows, or Syphon on Mac, our software then receives the textures and warps and blends the image onto the projection screen.

Our goal is to create a similar solution for Unreal. We’ve made some progress but got stuck (Getting a hardware pointer/handle to a texture - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums) and due to other work haven’t really had time to pursue it.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please get in touch.


Hi, We have a highly experienced team of developers. Will you consider working with a remote team?

Is the project, at this point, already structured as C++ Plugin and you just need someone to handle the RHI issue or you need someone to build the plugin from scratch?
I have experience with UE’s RHI and plugin development for both Unreal and Unity; If you already have the plugin project I may take a look and fix it for you for free, if you need the plugin built from the ground using the same external libs you use for Unity, I would have to charge for it.

Send me the source and I take a look, if the API is too complex for my little brain and I can’t manage to deliver a working solution, I never charge anything.

I believe this is something we could handle, we’d certainly need more info though. Sending you an email now.

Since posting this Allar has released a Spout for Unreal plugin.

Currently it’s limited to a single Spout sender and would require some development to get multiple senders working.

Is this something someone would be interested in?

If anyone is interested in this, all you need to do is instead of holding a single texture, hold an array of textures in my plugin and somehow expose the Spout sender name association. Could probably just do “UE4 Sender #X” where X is the index into the array of textures stored. Annnnd tell the updater about the array of textures instead of it updating just one.

I’d do it but I’m incredibly busy atm.

Thanks Allar, still looking for someone.

Thanks Allan, have you, or, do you know someone who has made improvements on this plugin.For the project I am working on, I need to send a video (from touch designer) , through spout and import that as a texture and material in UE4. Any developments on that front. Or can you guide me to someone who potentially is interested in a gig to resolve this issue. or can it be a work-around webcam input perphaps?