C++ Unreal Engine developer, work for Leap Motion building a VR demo. Immediate opportunity

This is an opportunity to work directly with Leap Motion on helping them build a demo to show off their Unreal engine support. You will be working with the latest device Leap Motion has been working on internally.
If located in the bay area you will be provided a work space at Leap Motions main office.

Project tasks:
Work directly with the Leap Motion team in implementing their Leap Motion SDK into the Unreal Engine 4.
Create demo scenes showing the Leap Motion working with a VR HMD using the Unreal Engine 4.
The initial demo scenes will be simple 3d VR scenes and if work is completed on time, there will be other opportunities in the future for creating other Unreal demo scenes.

Talent Required:
Very strong C++ experience.
Strong 3D mathematics.
Strong Unreal Engine 4 experience (building for unreal engine ver 4.9).
Experience programming graphics shaders and the math involved in doing so.

Recommended experience:
Virtual Reality graphics programming techniques (time warping, etc.).
Image processing knowledge strongly preferred.

This is an immediate opportunity.


This would be a fun contract that could potentially lead to a full time permanent position in the future.

We are still looking for someone. Please email me or contact me on skype if you are interested. This is a well paid contract :).