C++ (Unreal Engine) developer, Mail.Ru Group, Pushkin Studio

The Mail.Ru Group holds a leading position in the online entertainment market in Eastern Europe. Our team Pushkin Studio develops and operates games. One of the most significant projects of the studio was the multi-player strategy RiotZone. Now within the Studio a new, unannounced mobile project based on Unreal Engine 4 is being created and we need people who are not indifferent to the world of online entertainment and are ready for interesting and non-standard tasks.
We are looking for a strong C ++ developer in our team to work on the client part of the new mobile game.

Primary responsibilities:

  • design, implementation, debugging and code support for game mechanics based on the UE4 engine;
  • interaction with related departments (technical artists and game designers) to create new features and expand the editor of UE4;
  • programming in C ++ at the professional level for UE4;
  • improve the efficiency and programming techniques of the C ++ team;
  • work in the visual programming system Blueprints Visual Scripting;
  • code review, optimization.

Required technical skills:

  • programming experience in the gaming industry (C ++ / Java / C #) – from 3 years;
  • confident knowledge of C ++;
  • code optimization skills for improving productivity;
  • understanding of 3D-mathematics.

Definite pluses:

  • experience with the UE3 and / or UE4 engines;
  • the skill of developing games for mobile devices;
  • experience with Kismet / uScript/Blueprint

Russian language is obligatory

Working conditions:

We work comfortably: spacious open space areas, sound-absorbing panels, dozens of intercoms, additional monitors, powerful hardware and macbooks, if necessary;

Deliciously fed: in the office there is a restaurant with breakfasts and lunches, and on each floor there are 2 kitchens, where there are always fruit and berries, tea, coffee, cola and, of course, cookies;

Pleasantly relax: a large lounge area, massage chairs, a bar with freshly squeezed juices, swings, corners with blankets and pillows, where you can relax, game consoles, a cinema;

Take care of health: from the first days of work we give an excellent VHI program, including dentistry and even massage;

We do sports: a free fitness gym in the office (with all training equipment and, of course, showers), tennis tables and even a football field;

We easily reach: we are in five minutes of walking from m. “Airport”. For those who prefer to get to work by car, we have a 5-storey underground parking. And yes, there are places on it;

Professionally develop: our office regularly hosts seminars, trainings, events for developers -, CocoaHeadsMoscow, UX-environment, etc. Of course, we send employees to external professional events.

We will be glad to receive your response and, with mutual interest, we will offer conditions and projects that you will not want to refuse.

**Please send your resume to **