C++ Tutorials

Hey guys just trying to get some clarity here, switched from from Unity/C# never used visual scripting but was always interested move to UE4 and got started with BP’s.Eventually want to get more into C++ so i was trying to follow the intro to programming but it seems a bit outdated as i kept getting errors with 4.6.1

should i just work thru the somewhat outdated tutorials?
learn regular C++ (digital-Tutors/pluralsight subscription) and try to apply to UE4
or is it something else anyone can recommend?

i mean i guess i could work thru the Docs and examples as its just the structure of the code is a little daunting compared to what im used to

Thanks for the input so far BP has been great!

What are you getting errors with? Only thing I can really think off top of my head that changed greatly in 4.6 would be function signatures for constructors.

i would have to recreate it but off the top of my head the opening .cpp file it was blank, so then i entered info manually and chock full of errors, to name one

The cpp file for any custom classes you add will be blank. It it up to you to implement the function definition of function you create in the header file. Without seeing the code or error you getting we would have no way of determining what is causing your issues.

alright when i recreate it ill post it here sometime tonight