C++ Tutorial refuse to compile.

Hello everyone,

We’re trying to follow the steps in the c++ tutorial in order to understand how to code in Unreal4. However, when we put in the code from the tutorial->, the engine refused to compile.

It gave us:

error C2039: ‘Brightness’ : is not a member of ‘UPointLightComponent’
error C2228: left of ‘.Add’ must have class/struct/union
error C2065: ‘Components’ : undeclared identifier

So I’m wondering what’s wrong here? Anyone else got it to work? My thx in advance for sharing your experience


The documentation is out of date in places.
A quick search reveals threads like the following:

In future, try the search first :slight_smile:

Oh thx, I followed the link from the main tutorial page that Unreal post it up though. May be they should update the tutorial?

It looks like the tutorial has been updated!

Yep! It should be updated as of yesterday.

Let us know if there are any other issues you come across.