C++ / Tools / Blueprint Developer for Unreal Engine 4 Project

Project Title:
Private Demo

Looking for a developer with 5+ years game dev experience, 4+ years Unreal Engine experience, and 5+ years C++ / UE4 Blueprint experience to integrate custom blueprints and functionalities into one UE4 project that allows for all of their use with actors/objects in the scene.

We are looking for a freelancer who is able to work over the next two weeks, who has great problem-solving skills. Upon applying we will be able to add more detail and scope about the project than what is below. If you have great programming skills in C and are extremely experienced and comfortable on the backend of unreal 4 and Visual Studio, then we want to talk with you right away.

Thank you and we look forward to providing more details and talking with you.

Team Name:
Roundfire, Inc

Team Structure**:**
Project Supervisor / VFX Producer
Project Management, VFX Production - 15 years

Creative Director
Technical and Creative direction on over 5 AAA projects for an International Publisher

(1) Rigger/Animator and (1) Programmer (C++)

Previous Work:
N/A - Scene is for a tech demo

Talent Required:
C++ Developer / Generalist (1)
We need your programming skills in order to take our custom project, along with premade and custom blueprints, and complete the following tasks:

  • Upgrading blueprints and integrating them into new projects/levels
  • Binding skeletal meshes to new models which may need to be adjusted for animation, or to work with new blueprints
  • Projects will be provided as well as custom blueprints for updating and integration
  • Blueprint install into our project for animation, lighting, actions
  • Program different types of actor presets to spawn based on certain command inputs
  • Ensure custom made algorithms and plugins currently working with our project continue to work as the changes listed above are integrated into project

Competitive daily or weekly rate is offered and will be negotiated depending on experience. Looking to start someone over the weekend or the beginning of next week. Thank you.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: abolden