c# to c++ Some good info..

Lots of people are asking about c# or how to learn c++ and they know c#…
this guy has some serious articles on the subject… and well worth a read.

He doesn’t actually explain anything though. The differences between C# and C++ are much more than syntax.

If you know C# and want to learn C++, you should read this book: The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup.

Its more of a comparison… If you can read c# you can see whats going on in c++ Its definitely not for a beginner but helps us out who know c# and maybe a year or so of c++

I was going to agree with you, but I looked beyond day 1, and it gets better. Day 1 was just setting some basic syntax rules and I hope people don’t stop there. I do agree that Stroustrup’s book is very handy to have around.


Is there any chance that Epic will ever fully integrate and support c# for unreal engine, or is that completely out of the question?

I am new to c# and having an existential dilemma between learning c++ vs continuing c#.

I definitely have more of a art/design mindset toward game development and am willing to learn one language, but not both, and don’t want to switch… Unreal Engine 4 is just too **** tempting over Unity!

It’s very unlikely that the engine will be written to support C# (except the build system). It uses C++ for the raw power you get with native code. No garbage collector and JIT looming over you.