C++ Spawned Actors Not Overlapping, but works if manually placed in world

A simple ‘Marble’ - Ive tried using a sphere collision the mesh, and a seperate USphereComponent, but both display the same problem.

I am sure my collision profiles are set correctly, and my USphereComponent is correctly following the Marble Static Mesh Around as I have it visible.

When I drag my Marble into my world, its overlap events trigger just fine when overlapping my trigger box as is expected.

When I spawn the Marble from C++ the overlap events never work. - but Hit Events work fine.

I’ve spent all morning googling this, nothing I’ve read works.

This might be related, but not sure Trigger event when actor (mesh) is fully inside collision box - UE4 AnswerHub

It was a problem with PostLoad(), as I eventually discovered here

Sometimes I think UE hates me!

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