C++ Spawned Actors Not Overlapping, but works if manually placed in world

A simple ‘Marble’ - Ive tried using a sphere collision the mesh, and a seperate USphereComponent, but both display the same problem.

I am sure my collision profiles are set correctly, and my USphereComponent is correctly following the Marble Static Mesh Around as I have it visible.

When I drag my Marble into my world, its overlap events trigger just fine when overlapping my trigger box as is expected.

When I spawn the Marble from C++ the overlap events never work. - but Hit Events work fine.

I’ve spent all morning googling this, nothing I’ve read works.

This might be related, but not sure https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/429918/execute-event-when-actor-mesh-is-fully-inside-coll.html

It was a problem with PostLoad(), as I eventually discovered here

Sometimes I think UE hates me!

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