C++ Set Niagara Variable Color array

I created a Particle system using Niagara and this system has different dynamic user parameters. I know how to change these parameters at runtime using say: UNiagaraComponent->SetNiagaraVariableFloat(),
but the variable I have to change now is a Color Array.

How do I go about changing this variable at runtime given that the available methods don’t seem to cover editing this type?
I get the sense I am missing something very obvious.

Figured it out, the method to set a Color Array parameter in Niagara (along with a whole bunch of other data types) can be done through


I just needed to use method:

UNiagaraDataInterfaceArrayFunctionLibrary::SetNiagaraArrayColor(UNiagaraComponent* NiagaraSystem, FName OverrideName, const TArray& ArrayData)

The particle system works now.