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Core functionality:
Within the scope of the product’s advertised functionality.

-------------------------->General Overview

-------------------------->Runtime Attachment/Detachment

-------------------------->Knife Demo

Usage Demonstrations:
Outside the scope of the product’s advertised functionality. Included free of charge in the tutorial project.

-------------------------->Hanging Demo - 21 ropes attached to a single mesh

-------------------------->Blockade Demo

-------------------------->Player Rope Swing - entirely physics based, no maths

-------------------------->Swing Bridge

General information:
This page links to all the available Demo Games for this product. The intention of this posting is to supply customers with the option to try the product before commiting to purcahase.

The demo games are compatible with the windows 64-bit operating system.

The demo game’s supplementary content is available in the tutorial project:
-------------------------->Tutorial Project

The demo games have a minor bug with the player character. The third person player pawn sometimes continues moving after input has ceased. As it does not involve the rope, I have decided to make it a low priority. When I have the opportunity I will attempt to resolve the player pawn bug.
If you experice the issue, simply stop movement input and wait (that sometimes is effective) or restart the demo.

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