c++ quicksort algorithm to blueprints

Hi guys, I’m trying to translate a quicksort algorithm from c++ to blueprints; basically what this guy has done: Quick sort not working in Blueprints - UE4 AnswerHub

This will be for sorting inventory items by category, amount, value, and weight for a slot-based system; basically to replace the bubble sort algorithm in this tutorial here:

I’m struggling though, as it’s been difficult trying to wrap my head around a fairly complicated piece of code with no c++ background. I’d like to make a quicksort algorithm with just blueprints, because if I learn c++ (then write the code and plug it into UE4) I’ve heard I’ll have to compile the entire project each time I make any changes/debugging to the c++ code.

Anyway, any sort of help would be amazing.

But you don’t need to read C++ code,
Wiki explains it all: Quicksort - Wikipedia
or this one:…ok6/chap08.htm

That is just 4-5 lines of code, and hour or so trying to understand how programing recursive stuff works in general (unless you done some before).
And recursive code can be done in blueprints (just watch macros).

ps. unless you are sorting thousands of items bubble sort should be almost as fast: Bubble sort - Wikipedia
and it is simplest sort