C++ Projects with MS Domain Users

Good morning,
I hope this is the correct forum.
I am the Technologist at a College that teaches UE4 in their GameDev Program.
Since moving to Windows 10, when students try to create a new C++ project for the 1st time, they get an error that access is denied to C:\Program Files\UE_4xx\Build
All I have found online so far is that they need to run epic launcher as administrator, but they do not have access to administrator accounts on the College Domain.
Can anyone think of a way to get around this? Does it just create the build folder and files on the 1st project, then it will be fine for future projects?
Thanks in advance.

Jason Pichie

You could try installing it to the local user rather than Program Files. Otherwise you’d need to install it as an admin and then your students can use it and create projects in their local user directory like normal.