C++ Project zipping process

I have recently turn my current project from a Blueprint only to a C++ one. However now every time zip the project and try open it on other computer it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. And I can’t figure out what makes it work and what doesn’t.

It might be a dumb question since it usually is a pretty straightforward process but, how does one zip up a C++ project to carry on development on other computer?

I am using UE4.17 and both computers I am using have VS15 and 17.

What exactly does not work?

Zip it up like that https://i.imgur.com/3gHyLHg.png

It will contain everything you need to use on another Machine. It strips out everything that can be generated like Compiled shaders etc. makes it small in size (will take time to recreate on another machine). If you Run into any Problems you have to describe them more acurate. “Does not work” can mean literally anything and nobody likes to play the guessing whats wrong Game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck and have Fun.

In that case Build from source and see what the Compiler complains about =) that Error won´t tell you whats gone wrong. It could be a lot of things like a missing Plugin you have installed in the Engine on one machine but not the other as example (unlikely the case here since it works sometimes and sometimes not)

So open your .sln file Build your Project and look in the Output Log after it fails (not the error log pls). Post what the log says here (use pastebin.com if its a bit longer, easier to read for us)

Right, so when I try to open the project, I’m asked to rebuild to project but it apparently fails and I get the “could not be compiled. try rebuilding from source manually” error.
So I’m guessing It can only be something I’m missing when zipping the project since I know both computers can run the project.


Mmmmhh okay, that’s what I’m doing …
I know, I thought they’d be some sort of magical step specific for C++ projects hence wise I thought it’d be easier to ask like that.
I’m simply getting an error asking to rebuild from source …

Riiight, so 3/4 of the log is indeed about a plugin i use (AdvancedSession). ( https://pastebin.com/gvnDpbHt )
The thing is now, the plugin was active when I zipped the project, and was manually added to the zip once unreal was done zipping the project. So the plugin is present in the project folder when I’m getting this error.

Also, I just got my project to launch by copying the content folder to an older build (that also had the plugin), and it worked perfectly.Could it be something to do with the plugin not being properly part of the project?

Thanks a lot for helping by the way, I’ve only been messing with Vs for a week now …

Things start get crazy at RotsnBotsGameModeBase.cpp/h and MyGameMode.cpp/h can you double check that everything is fine there (always start fixing at the topmost error, all other errors might come from that)

Right, so I noticed that that the project identifier that was used included the name of the folder the project was in. Because I was renaming the zips, the folder created when extracting the zips had the same name and that apparently is enough to mess up the VS Files. Renaming the project folder did the trick for me.

So, basically, don’t rename the zips you create with UE4.