C++ Programming Learning Resources

Hello guys!

New to this and I thought unreal engine looked amazing and was very cheap so decided to drop some money on it.

I want to learn C++ preferably through books/videos perhaps even online classes. However, I know there are some really bad books on C++ because it is such a complex? language and would like some input from experienced users on which I should read that are high quality - price is a non issue.

Programming experience is non existant but have a thirst for knowledge.

Thanks in advance for answering!

Hi, now i don’t remember the name but a member of Unreal staff is writing a book on Unreal Engine’s C++ that are slightly different from the standard C++ even is use the same syntax. For now you can follow the tutorials on the official YouTube channel or read a book on the “standard” C++ like “C++ Through game programming”, now is out the fifth edition.
I’m waiting with you an official C++ reference :slight_smile: