C programming language!!!

hi, how i use C language (no C++) to game developing in Unreal???

You can’t. C++ Only.

That’s true, the interfaces to the engine are C++ only. However, depending on just what bits and pieces you want to be pure C, you can always write the bulk of your own code in C, and link it in via ‘extern “C”’ linkage. It doesn’t let you escape from speaking C++ when you meet the engine, but that can be a thin layer.

Now, wanting to use pure C instead of C++ seems nuts to me, but to each his own :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not even possible since C is not an objective orientated language.
People are using C# somehow with UE4, but C is definitely not possible.
At least not in the way of replacing C++.

:smiley: Just learn C++ if you already know how to program in C. It takes about ~2 Weeks then.

  1. “Learning” C++ does not take ~2 weeks.
  2. The fact that C is not “object-oriented” has nothing to do with why binding were not created, you can create binding from watever to watever. In depended on requirements writing product in C may result in much cleaner code (for number of reasons, but saying post factum, bad designed product written in C is deadborn). So C bindings will be appreciated.
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