C++ Programmer

I am looking for a project to work on, I am not looking to be paid only royalty. I will only help if its something with a realistic deadline that wont take years to develop something that can get done fairly quickly (Few months) . I am looking for a project that has some sort of a budget.

C++ for around 8 months i know all the basics, I have yet to learn AI but i am open to learning if needed to.
I can put in around 20-30 hours a week depends on how much college work i have.

I would like to communicate through discord.
Contact me here for any more information: [EMAIL=“”]
I only want serious offers and people that are dedicated to finish the project and not leave it half way through.
I hardly come on the forum so the best way to contact me is through my email.

I have sent you a email and such, just responding here so you know that I did. I am interested in your help as a C++ programmer!

add me on discord - ojl10#1893

I’m looking for people interested in publishing a small game.

I´ve sent you a DM

What are your strong suits? I have a huge, multi-section GDD here.

Available again.