C++ programmer

My name is Brandon and I have been learning C++ for around 6 months now.
I have been programming for 1-2 years and only just recently started using C++.
I have only been working on little projects of my own so i dont have anything to show.
Even though i have only been learning c++ for 6 months i can still make stable code, clean code and also make it easy to read for other programmers.

Style of projects i want to work on.
Multiplayer Games
First person Shooters.
First person Survival Games.

I would also like to work on a project like Horizon: Zero Dawn -
I also like games like borderland style.

As this is my first time i am looking for projects that i think i would really enjoy working on so i dont get demotivated thats why im being so specific.

I haven’t tried coding inventory systems and i do all my UI stuff with blueprint and i have started learning AI yet so i wont be able to do that.
I will eventually do UI in code but not at the moment.

I have some assets i can add towards the game here is a screenshot of them: Screenshot - 842d399a4219ec26facb135a225045c2 - Gyazo

I am looking for a team that already have a plan of the game(Docs).
Also have animations, i am a visual person so it is easier for me to see if the code is working properly.

I haven’t been in a team before this is my first time.

I am looking for projects that have a realistic goal and a deadline.

Email me here for any offers -

Hey we are building a multi-player futuristic survival game if your interested dm me on Twitter Check out Desiccated (@PlayDesiccated):

I have concept. I will release the concept in WIP when i get one c++ programmer able to code all this

its a multiplayer FPS. Not survival. Serious project for getting money.