C++ Programmer


i’m pretty new to UE4 (few months now). As daily job i have been working for over 15 years now as software engineer using mainly C#.NET, C++, Java
Game development is more or less a hobby of mine, so i spend lot of my free time on it. In the past i have “tried” to create my own game engine, but as single developer its impossible to keep up with the new technologies, go cross platform and “try :o” to compete with game engines like these. So for the past years i been writing a lot of useless code for rendering stuff but never been able to make something cause of the lack of a decent editor and content.
Now that game engines like these are free, i have been trying them out so i can really start making games. I started with Unity and later switched to UE4, which i like much more.

Currently i’m working on a game project myself, but willing to contribute to other projects to increase my UE4 experience and try to earn a little extra :wink:

C++ Programming (+15 years)
Game development basics (+10 years)
UE4 (+6 months)


Additional Information:
Only available few hours a week.

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