C++ Programmer wanted

**The Wanderer, single player RPG, looking for C++ and Blueprint programmers.

Project Description**

The Wanderer: is a First Person Single Player RPG taking place in a dark themed universe filled with mysteries and adventure as a spiritual successor to old school gems like Gothic, Arx Fatalis, Diablo, Baldur’s Gate or Spellforce etc. Exploration and thinking are rewarded plenty, with random puzzles, hidden rooms and riddles to solve (something you don’t see too often these days). An advanced hybrid combat system that lets your choose how you fight, an eerie style and atmosphere and a rich story are some of the elements that define it, but in the end, it’s all the little details that contribute to building a complex world and experience, aimed at a more seasoned RPG audience. The time has come. It’s our mission to create that RPG fix everyone’s been waiting for. That opportunity has finally arrived. Now’s your chance to join.

What we can offer

Extensive 120 page GDD covering both story and technical aspects.
Humanoid characters, completely textured and rigged, including clothes, and facial blendshapes,imported in Unreal.
A pack of 1500 human animations compatible with all the humanoid characters.
3D items and props assets, 50% finished
UI graphics, 60% finished
3 of 4 areas in the main level finished
Estensive item database
SVN Repository
Small, friendly, thriving team
Fair revenue sharing
Open positions

After completing a major part of the artwork and GDD I started looking for programmers about a month ago. I am lucky to say that one month later I managed to gather a small team of talented individuals. However we have just started! It’s the best time to join. The svn repository is up and running, the initial project is created, the first lines of code are written. I hope to advance as fast as I did up until now and for that I need you:
C++ Programmer:**

Profound knowledge of c++
Interested in contributing at least 10-20 hours a week


Profound knowledge of UE4 and blueprints
Experience working with source control software is a plus
Interested in contributing at least 20 hours a week

How is the game going to stand out?**

-Secrets.** A ton of secret areas, hidden rooms, riddles and mysteries. Since most new games we’ve played just don’t focus on this enough, we’ve decided to give this thing justice.
-Style.** A dark, gothic, fantasy style, that is the exact opposite of the wowish, toonish goofy style that most casuals and peasants , and the majority of the population seems to love these days. We will fight to no ends to give that justice.
-Complexity.** Every piece of the level is carefully handcrafted, designed to fit with the rest of the layout , every item is designed to fit as a piece of the puzzle, and to add to the game-play in a unique way, everything is deeper than meets the eye. Every system has a lot of parameters to play with, thus all of these create the beginning of a rich grand world waiting to be explored.
-The combat system.**

This is what we stand for. We’re looking for a programmer that actually shares these ideals and start making history.

This sounds like a dream come true, but I know that to actually achieve all this, there has to be a gut-wrenching amount of hard work behind it. No, really. An upsetting amount of it. A crazy amount of hard work. But it’s worth it. Anything of great value requires sacrifice.

Getting an idea of the style:

Main Character: Main NPC(Imported in Unreal):

Here you can see an ingame location, and some UI early concept, like inventory system, they will later be replaced with refined sprites:

Another important thing would be the talent(skill) system, featuring a 3D sphere where
skills are like stars in space, and you move around within them, this is a 2D
representation of what it should look like:

One of the characters:

Item rarities:

Further Mentions and Contact

Of course this first game won’t be the size of skyrim, the idea is to bring a certain vision to life in a demo/ish 2-6 hour first chapter, a few quests, a beginning to a story that will continue in next installments after testing this vision to the public and if it’s successful.

I am also doing a comic book chapter which serves as a prequel to the game’s story, and we can use it in promoting and on kickstarter as a reward.

So if you feel our vision and want to know more, and think you can bring this project to
life, then contact us for more information at:


or PM

Also if you’re just generally interested in the project we’re also open to that, to
network and for future collaboration with other artists or any field of game design. As
we grow, we want to expand the team and gather talented individuals to push the boundaries of what video games can be.

This is just the beginning.