C++ Programmer Required ASAP

Hi All,

I have a role which could be quite a substantial amount of work. See below:

[CONTRACT in Manchester/UK] C++ Programmer (UK-based)
NOTE - This role will require to be in-house initially and potential to work remotely**

Project Title:
Bathroom Configurator

The Configurator will allow the user to design their own bathroom by adding the exact layout dimensions and populating with many different bathroom assets, baths, toilets, taps, showers, etc. The user will be able to move these assets around the room layout, change the colour of the walls and add variations of wall or floor tiles including grout colours. Lots more to discuss when hired.

Building a User Interface from ground upwards
VR compatible using Occulus Rift
Windows Platform, potential for app in future

Team Name:
Tannahill Reay Ltd

Team Structure:
Currently 4 3D Artists which require support in a high end programmer.

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer and Blueprint Scripting
Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4
Knowledge of Asset Creation (this will not be part of your spec, but just to have a rough idea how 3D artists create the assets)
Knowledge of Perforce

Website: (Currently developing new site, check out show-reels on main page)


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