c++ programmer new in Unreal


I have been working with Unity3d for a long time and now, in my spare time, i want to start learning UE4. I have seen a couple of guides with similitudes and differences between both engines and more or less i have that part clear. The problem now is “how to start?”

I’m trying to do a simple asteroids game only using c++ (I don’t have problems with the language) and try to evolve it as much as possible but i’m completely lost. I haven’t had too much time to research but, i cannot find a “pipeline” to start a new project from a blank project. If I’m right you need to extend a gameMode to create the logic of the game (lives, score, spawn enemies, etc). Then for the Spaceship i need a Pawn (i don’t want the capsule collider or methods to jump/run/etc) and also a PlayerController to posses the Pawn and send to it the input. The same for the asteroids but using a AIController.

I have tried many things for the static camera but I haven’t found yet a way to make UE to use my cameraActor instead of the temporal one that it’s created when you launch the game. I have seen that if you use the autoPosses option in the pawn it creates a first person camera into the pawn, but no idea of how to do the other thing. I suppose i have to get from somewhere the cameraManager, but i haven’t seen that in the documentation.

Probably some (or all) of those ideas are wrong, so all the help is welcome :wink:

Thanks a lot!

Coming from Unity to Unreal… Sounds familiar to me… :smiley:
I found this tutorial very useful:**

It explains a simple FPS-Shooter type of game from a completely blank UE4 project using C++ … In my opinion a good point to learn some of the basic concepts of the engine, step by step.

Have fun!

Thanks a lot!!

I saw that tutorial before posting, but i hadn’t started with it at that point. I think I’m starting to have things a bit more clear now. I’ll try to make a small diagram for beginners while i’m learning to try to make things a bit simpler for newbies like me.

I’m trying a different approach to this problem but i still cannot do what i want.

In the FPS tutorial they create a new camera component in the player controller, and as the Pawn possesses the controller, that simply works. In this case, what i want is a static camera, wihtout any relation with any controller (in theory it shouldn’t need it).

What I’m trying to do now is creating an actor with a camera component, try to access a PlayerCameraManager (creating it from NewObject<>()) but it crashes, so I know i’m doing something really wrong. I suppose the way to work with Unreal is so different from other engines (Unity / cocos2d) but for me it’s hard to believe that something you can do with 2 blueprint and a link can be so painful using c++…