C++ Programmer needed for multiplayer demo.

I’m currently working on a demo for a very unique multiplayer game and am in need of some help with the programming part of the project.

Tasks for you:

•Set up online connectivity to web client with a login system.
•Set up menus (I’ll take care of the UI art.)
•Character select screen (Player will be able to choose from 2 character types and then a gender.)
•Set up in game chat system, Global only for now.

This is demo is designed to get people’s attention and give them a basic idea of what the full game will be like. The goal for this portion of the project is to 1) See if there’s interest in a game like this before investing further into it 2) Build a community around it that will help with marketing + future funding.


I’m currently the only person working full time on this project, and I’m also funding this out of pocket. Payment is a possibility of course, however I’m more interested in someone who will want to do Rev/Share once the full game is sold. The demo is 100% Free, and I will be laying all server fees etc.

I’m more than happy to discuss payment plans / contracts with you of course.

Game information:

The game’s name for now is “That Deer Game” and the player will be able to choose from either a deer or a wolf character. This is a very soft survival game, with the main goal being to have fun with friends. This game is meant for people that no longer have hundreds of hours to invest into a game, but still like to unwind online with their friends when they can.

The aesthetic of the game is very simple and cartoony. Features to be added for full release will include a variety of mini games that you can enjoy with friends such as Hide-and-Seek and Tag. I have many screenshots of what the game currently looks like if you’re interested.

How to reach me:

I can be reached primarily by email at the following: thatdeergameofficial@gmail.com