C++ programmer needed for Arch Viz project in NYC (Downtown) this weekend and next

Hello C++ programmers. I am managing a retail design/ arch viz project and and need someone familiar with creating VR interactions using C++. Specifically need help to set up a level that allows me to change color of walls, scroll through fixture options, play video as you approach, interact with product (basic pick up and turn in 360 with a few stats populating, and a few more ideas) Shouldn’t be too difficult for someone that understands C++, I unfortunately do not know ANY Coding but am very familiar with 3ds max, and the UE4 user interface. I need help this weekend and next weekend in NYC in my downtown office. This will probably become a long term freelance type position as we build our store in virtual reality. Please reach out if this sounds interesting. THANK YOU.

Hey John, some of our best clients are all in NYC and catch the train down regularly from Montreal… If you can’t find anyone local to help you out I would love to chat about working with you remotely from our offices in Montreal