C++ Programmer Looking For Work

Dear Community,
I am 23 year old software programmer looking to work for unreal engine projects.

I have full time studio work experience on a shipped title and looking to freelance for more experience and pocket money.
Title: Guardians of Valor


  • Strong C/C++ Experience
  • Intermediate Java
  • Experience using C#
  • Experience using Objective C/C++
  • Experience using Visual Basic for Applications
  • Experience using Unrealscript
  • Experience using HTML5


  • Software Development
  • Game programming/AI/Game mechanics
  • Automation
  • Integration of 3rd party software with UE4, ex:
    -Google Play and iOs game center integration(Cloud saved games, Achievements, Leaderboard integration)
    -Admobs (both Android/iOs)
  • Low level C++ programming
  • Team coordination
  • Understanding of UE4 engine source code

I am open to any paid/contract offer, whether it be full time or part time.
Rates and Times are flexible, modest, and negotiable. If you need more info or have an offer please do not hesitate to PM me.

I am currently unavailable as I have started work on a project, will update when I have freed up some time and thanks to the people who have contacted me regarding this post.