C++ programmer looking for a project

Hi all,
My name is Amit, I’m a software engineer from Israel, I have 4 years experience with programming in C++,Java and ObjC, half of it doing mobile game development for a mobile game studio.
I’m relatively new to Unreal Engine 4 but I’m a fast learner and I’m really looking forward to extend my knowledge and create fun and cool games.
I’m currently not working and spending most of my time on my own projects, some are in UE4.
I want to join a team in an effort to create something great.
I didn’t specify if it has to be paid or unpaid because it can be either one, depending on the project (the time I will be putting into it will depend on it of course as I will need some sort of income to pay rent :slight_smile: )

I have a site with some of the things I’ve done, It doesn’t have a lot because some of the stuff I’ve done used assets I don’t have the rights for so I’m working on replacing those.
The address is:
If you talk do me in private I can tell more about my work professionally.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a project you would like to discuss.



Hi, I have a project if you are interested. Contact =).

I forgot to mention, you can contact me on or amit.ofer on skype

is that your correct mail or should it be - I have a project that is lacking in the code department and we’d love to have you on.

If the game sells, you get paid.

Can you please contact me using skype so I can learn more about your project?

Still looking…

Hi Amit,

Are you only looking for mobile games, or are you happy to try your hand at FPS? I have a thread for my project here. Would love to chat about this further over Skype if you’re interested.

I actually really don’t want to do mobile games :slight_smile:

Hi Amit,

I’ve sent you a PM explaining my project a little more. Look forward to speaking further.

Hey I sent you a pm

Hi, still looking for a paid job, preferably in the puzzle\platform genre and not as a solo coder.