C++ programmer for Leetcoin

[CONTRACT] Leetcoin - Looking for C++ Programmer

Leetcoin is an online platform that allows gamers to compete in their favorite video games against others for money.

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer
Proficiency with C++ programming skills and the Unreal Engine
Good communication skills in English
Creativity and innovation.
Love of Bitcoin a plus.


If you have any more questions or are interested please feel free to reach out.


We are still looking for a developer for a paid/contract position.

Our site is now here:

If I’m correct, what has been described here counts as gambling (assuming this is for real money, which it seems like it is), which type of product is not allowed as described in the FAQ/EULA, just thought I’d mention it.

I am not a lawyer but I believe (at least in my state.) anything that requires skill is a “game and reward” system not a gambling system. Game of skill - Wikipedia and Online skill-based game - Wikipedia kind of get in to what I am talking about.

Game cheat/hack developers will love this site if it takes off.

Correct! Skill-based gaming is categorized differently than chance-based gaming and by definition is not considered gambling.

Just to add fuel to this fire: Skill based gaming actually has a very strict set of rules it has to follow to not be considered gambling. Perhaps chief among them (and I am not a lawyer) is that the chance to do well at the game must be equal for all participants, which makes a lot of games physically impossible to use such a system.

However, that is not at all related to @leetgg’s need to hire someone. It’s just interesting :slight_smile: There’s plenty of places skill based gaming CAN be applied. I just wanted to make sure nobody reading this runs off to slap a gambling mod onto Counterstrike :smiley:

Yes, those were my thoughts, that while it may take skill, there is also the chance/random factor.

I’m a proponent for cash-driven skill game monetization model, and there are a couple of APIs already available supporting cash-driven skill tournaments to include Counterstrike. I would also predict that games-of-chance will become more arcade-like to lure people like me into the Casinos. There will be an residual effect on the internet and legislation will be put into place to support this. Developers who see this opportunity, have a eye on future monetization models for their games. My only concern with this particular platform would be use of Bitcoin.