C:/Program not recognized as an internal or external command

This is the error I get when I try to launch the game from the editor. How can I set the path correctly so that it finds Program Files instead of just Program?

UE4 is installed to C:/Program Files directory. I’m trying to launch the game from the editor using the Launch icon. Game is located in the default directory: Documents/Unreal Projects.

Its an error because of the space in the file path.

I would reinstall in a different directory without the space, Same goes for where you save your projects.

did you solve it?

reinstall what?

The engine

You can possibly just move it over without needing to reinstall

Unfortunately not. I’ve also had other problems installing to Program Files where everything installs fine, but then I can’t update it because I somehow lose write permissions. I just install to my C drive now and haven’t had any issues.