C++ Plugin Tycoon Devblog - Bend deformer plugin

Hello devs

It has been a very long time since I logged-in here, (changing jobs, busy projects). But I’m currently developing a new tool in my free time.

A few years ago I made a tool called Tycoon for 3Ds Max (here: ), it allows you to bend objects and auto align (snap) them together. The main motivation was that I wanted to make a rollercoaster project in Unreal, however the spline tools in DCC apps were not really giving me the control I wanted, that is why I decided to make a tool that works in a similar way as the roller coaster tycoon games. (That explains the name Tycoon).

But when I actually started using the the 3Ds Max version I realized that it was quite a hassle to import all the data into Unreal, importing huge track pieces was not really a non-destructive workflow at all…

So I’m currently creating my first Unreal C++ plugin: Tycoon for Unreal 4.

Still a lot of things that need to be fixed, will post updates in this thread:

  • Mesh updates:
    ] Worldspace normal issue. (Some parts are darker for this reason)
    ] UV support in the mesh
    ] Multi material support

  • UI updates:
    ] Sliders!

More coming




I did some cool UI updates, and I’m currently thinking about how to create an attachment/support system.

Year later, still going strong!

Launched a closed beta to improve the plugin.


  • UI changes (Sliders)
  • Presets
  • Animation support

Full overview: