C++ or Blue Prints?

I have intermediate knowledge of one other programming language. For someone that wants to achieve a career in programming (and hopefully game development) which should I choose? So far I’ve came up with this:

Pros for C++:
-Gives a good knowledge and helps you understand programming so it’s easier to learn other languages.
-Is easier to handle bigger projects.
-Faster end product.
-Sometimes faster coding (sometimes).

Pros for blueprints:
-Easier to pick up than C++.
-Overall faster production time.
-More streamlined experience.

So considering what I have in mind for the future, which would be better for me?

All answers appreciated.

Simple - both.

In the real word, working with Unreal Engine, you will be using both. C++ is for the heavy lifting and you will benefit immensely from focusing on it. Blueprints will teach you the logic of programming and ease the transition (I know from experience how intimidating C++ can be when you’re coming from languages like C# or Java). In practice however, you use both. Chances are that for something as simple as “when the player approaches turn on the light” you’ll use Blueprints rather than code it from scratch. Something like core character movement you want to do in C++.

I basically do as much of game logic in blueprints until I hit a performance barrier, and then code that one part in C++.

Btw. Think of blueprints as “graphical c++”. You can right click any node and see it’s c++ definition.

So it’s rather simple to switch between the two once you get used to them.

I have similar question:

I am learning C++ and how to use it inside UE4,
and I was wondering if its possible to create complete game using C++ code only? without creating BP from my C++ class etc?
In most of the tutorials BP created from C++ at some point.

As a programmer coming from Java and C#, C++ was really scary at first. But taking it step by step using them both where they fits best as taken me a bit in C++ at least :slight_smile:
I think they both have their own place so both should be used where appropriate. If I could only choose one I would ofc go for C++ for it’s (almost) unlimited power, but the blueprints are are so powerful and working so nice with many of the subsystems of UE that I wouldn’t wont to be without them again :slight_smile:

I usually treat C++ as the low level language it is and then use Blueprints on top of that as a really high-level language for all the things it does great and should keep doing!

It is possible but needlessly complex. Stuff like UMG are quite impossible to implement with BP only. Interactios with content browser assets is much easier when you can set the variable inside of a BP rather than having to manually search for it through code. Essentially it is not something you want to do.