c++ networking, client lags on server

I’m using c++ to show a drawdebug on clients and server.
The drawdebug function is drawn locally and sent to the server for replication.
Everything is buttery smooth from the servers view but on the clients only the locally drawn debugline is made every tick, the info from the server updates about every other tick it seems.

I’m experiencing the same with mesh location replication for motioncontrollers in blueprints, the server updates all meshes as if it were done locally, the clients see a very choppy moving mesh.
It seems to update around 25 fps on the client side.
I would like to find a solution to make the clients see everything as smooth as the server does, without lerping between the updates.

This application will never run on anything else than gigabit lan connected local PC’s.
After noticing a 10 kb/s cap I have upped all the caps I could find and added these to defaultengine.ini:




I have set net update frequency to 200, min net update freq to 90, tried running the blueprint independent of the tick but nothing seems to solve it.
The CPU of both machines I’m testing on isn’t very taxed, changing the server role changes nothing as well. Net usage goes around ~35 kb/s on the client (they easily go to 600 mbit/s)

Anyone an idea what might solve it?