C# Mono integrated with Unreal.


yeah. c# is for loser like me… i know… but there is a lot of people using it. please consider it natively in future versions…

C# is for loosers? If someone tried to tell you that C#is for loosers you need to stop listen to them, C# is a fully valid language.
There have been more than one project to bring C# to UE4 have a quick google and youll find some of them here is one:

I was just being modest

Actually the c# project is not being updated :frowning:

Well, after a while studying c++. I guess is better to learn it… in some ways is similar to c#…
i´ll taking the c++ way… Thanks anyway.

Well, C and C++ came way first than C#
C# is a Microsoft attempt to merge C with a clone of Java and well… they really didn’t succeed. Programming C# like Java seems cool and quick and easy and so on… to anyone that doesn’t know C and C++ and assembly that is. Java and even more C# are so messed up with all the changes between multiple versions, incompatibilites with many APIs being deprecated and so on.
Performance wise no language that relies on virtual machines can match the speed of C/C++ and assembly. It will never happen even with support for virtual machines built in CPUs hardware … they will always be slower than the real thing, native code.

yes, that is an important reason why i choose c++ indeed… !