C++ merging

My friend and I were working on a small project. We both were working with C++. When the time has come to merging, we stuck. I do understand that if I need to migrate my code, I need to redefine headers. Still, the code won’t compile, I get hundreds of errors, and the code won’t appear in the editor. It seems like the editor is missing a reference to the code that I’m trying to migrate. We were able to avoid issues by creating new C++ classes in the editor and copy pasting all the code manually. Is there an easier way to migrate C++ classes to another project?

Hello MrMagnum,

When it comes to multiple programmers working with code in separate projects, it would be best to begin with source control. There are are multiple problems that you can run into when you’re just trying to migrate code from one project to another. One would be the API that all of the classes are in, another would be the includes. Unfortunately, other than the editor being able to Generate Visual Studio Project files for you after adding your code to the Source folder, there aren’t many tools available for merging C++ otherwise.