C-Media Container Pack Edition 1

I have just submitted my latest pack which consists of an assortment of containers including Crates, Barrels, Baskets, Buckets and Pallets.

This pack includes the following assets:

  • 1 Environment
  • 21 Meshes
  • 57 Textures
  • 7 Materials
  • 25 Materials Instances

Hi CharlestonS ,
A game without any box is not a game :smiley:
Incredible work again

Heh, I know, if we didn’t have boxes how would we fill all of the empty space?


These are pretty amazing. Currently working toward a game with less realism but they are still fantastic. May end up getting them to use for testing anyhow just for how nice they are.

Thanks! You could always re-texture the meshes or adjust the material instances for different art styles.

Yes , That’s exactly what I meant ; a must to have in any game and It takes time make it modular & good quality , so thank you again

Of course! Hopefully you can make good use of them.

Very excited to see a pack like that from you! Considering your material skills, these meshes should look stunning!

Thanks! I hope to see some cool projects utilizing these assets.

The pack is now up on the Trello for voting - Go give it a vote if you’re interested!

The pack is now available for purchase on the Marketplace!

Awesome work dude! You are making a great series of high quality assets to help get devs up and running quick! =)

As always I love your work

@Devero - Thanks man! Can’t wait to see some more of your awesome work as well!

@Uprentiss - Thank you! Hope you can make use of these!