C++ issue

Hello everyone!I wanna make some achievment system with C++ plugin(and also C#).I’ve created plugin but when I’ve created C++ class, UE4 gave me an issue.First it’s typing there’s launching MSBuild, and the path to what MSBuild are building is UnrealBuildTool.After a few secs it gave me an error there’s missing UnrealBuildTool.exe.I still can build UnrealBuildTool with MSBuild but it doesn’t help to generate project files.In case of I’ve generated project files manually(through MSBuild and UnrealBuildTool)it’s still doesn’t work.Some help with this strange situation?(P.S. I can’t create new C++ plugin, it’s giving me an error what there’s required UE4 source code in Engine\Source, but I have installed it inside of Epic Games Launcher and there’s all of this files).My UE4 version is 4.24.2, Visual Studio 2019 and for building using MSBuild 14.0.Wasted 1 day already on this.(And also I can’t open project, because it requires to rebuild game module but I can’t).Hope somebody will help!