C# Implementation !

Hi everybody,
I’m here because I think that it would be very nice if the Unreal Engine had a C# implementation.
For “speed coding” or other things like that, C# would be perfect.
There is a video on YouTube that show an implementation of C# in UE, but I don’t know if the project was kept.

From comments posted 2 weeks ago:

Will this be supported officially by Epic ?

Most likely not as UE4 already got scripting system Blueprints, not to mention there already community projects of C# implementation

oh **** - posted this in the wrong thread, sorry! :rolleyes:

oh PS: I still don’t like C# !!! It’s just a complicated way to do C++ hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for this. while there are community projects but it would be so much nicer if it was implicitly supported. C# is a much better language for games than C++ as its much faster to learn and program in. while C++ has low level speed it is often beaten by the high level simplicity of C# (what i can make in C++ i can make more sophisticated in C#. in my experience a fancy lookup system will beat raw calculation speed). now thats not to put down people who like or know C++ better. i just would like it as an option as I’ve found that of the two languages i get much better, cleaner and more sustainable results in C#. C# has a cleaner concept base as well. its more about concept and how you think about code than about managing the bytes directly.

brief overview of C#
classes of objects: something you create and keep track of. (eg: if i was talking about my neighbors car i’m referencing a real car)
structures of information: information you pass around. (eg: if i’m talking about the number 15 its info, not an object)
interface between objects: a contract promising access functionality and information (to use a gas pump you must have a tank).

this simplicity results in better frameworks over all. lets you think about only the complexity that helps you and not the latent complexity of C++.

and again. this is not to be against C++. C++ was the first language i ever really learned and was my gateway into serious programming. just giving my reasons i want real C# support so bad.

good luck on all your endeavors and have a great week! :3