[c++ HUD Color Picker Function Request] Function to get FColor at point on HUD

My Goal:

Dear Friends at Epic,

If the ability to do this per-tick already exists please let me know!

I am already aware of some image functions, but I want to get the FColor of a certain point of the HUD, every single tick, so I need a very fast function to do this.

Again if the ability to do this already exists please let me know :slight_smile:

My Function Request:

A function that takes in a point on the entire HUD, in hud space, and returns the FColor at that point

If the color of the current HUD tick cannot be obtained, functions to


could be used to minimize the overhead of storing the HUD color data every tick

My Goal:

An entirely c++ HUD based way to implement a color picker!

To Clarify

I dont want to get the color below the HUD cursor of the rendered world, I just want to be able to input 2d HUD coordinates and get the color of the Canvas/HUD at that point

Again I am happy to receive only the color info about previous tick if the current tick’s HUD color data is not accessible.

That’s where the HUDColor caching functions would come in handy, to store previous tick data.




Hey Nathan,

Currently the way to do this is FPlatformMisc::GetScreenPixelColor()

Best Regards,



Thanks Ryan!

That’s what I needed to know :slight_smile: