C++ grouping Hierarchical instanced Static Meshes


In the main editor window it is possible to select multiple meshes and group them which allows you to move and rotate them all as if they were one big mesh.

I’d like to be able to do this in C++ for Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh components that make up a procedurally created house that I’ve created in C++, so that I can rotate the whole house as I need.

Does anyone know how to implement this grouping feature within C++? Can it be done?

Any advise/suggestions would be very welcome. I’m wanting to achieve this in code rather than blueprint.


Something I read elsewhere was that GroupActors is a construct of the editor, not the engine, and that If you want to do something like this create a c++ actor and use several ChildActorComponent.

Something I will try tonight is adding a Procedural House Component and then trying…

// Attach house block as child to HouseComponent

HouseBlockMeshComponent->AttachParent = HouseComponent;

Hopefully this will allow me to rotate my whole house and have the components that make up the house i.e blocks and furniture rotate accordingly.