C++ GOOD documentation?

Hey guys. I am new to the Unreal Engine and I am pretty shocked by the lack of code documentation. Sure, there are a few simple explanations, but most of them are really basic overviews of the sample games or something along those lines. Where can I get some reference for the many static functions in unreal? If they just added a small tutorial explaining how to create the walking script for a character or something like that (from scratch, of course), it would already be enough.

Just as I post it, I find this: Sorry to bother you guys, I believe this answers my problem to a certain extent.

You can find more official documentation, tutorials, etc from this page. There’s also a number of people making their own tutorial series.

The doc is also in the installation folder : “Unreal Engine\4.0\Engine\Documentation\CHM”

Just double click this file : “API.chm”

I would also recommend that you read through the other pertinent sections of the documentation regarding the UEFramework itself. The API is there and it gives you a good bearing on what you can achieve, but you would need to have a non trivial amount of understanding of the engine to know where you should look for that info to be useful.

Thanks for all the replies (glad to see that the Unreal Engine community is very active). I actually did find an excellent tutorial series that I recommend to anyone who wants to C++, as Epic does seem to focus a lot of their tutorials on Blueprint (probably because it attracts more people who are scared of game development because of coding). Here is one of his tutorials:
They helped me understand a lot of the code etc.