C++ Games Programmer

Hello, my name is Ben. I’m a C++ Games Programmer and have recently graduated from university.

I am currently looking for full time employment / contract work within the Games Industry. Below you can find my portfolio / showreel / CV.

CV: Ben Lyon CV - Google Docs

My aim within the industry is to work on titles I can be proud of, whether they’re AAA or indie. I take great pride in my work and will not stop until a specific goal or standard has been met. I also enjoy receiving and seeking feedback on my work from those who would be the target audience, I feel that this would reflect my career positively.

Ultimately I enjoy creating video games, having the ability to create video games for a career would complete my dream.

Key Skills
C++; HTML; PHP; Objective C;; Javascript
Unreal Engine 4, UDK, Unity, Havok, Xcode, Open GL
Systems analysis and design; Software Engineering
Team Leadership and project management
Graphic design and visual presentation
Written and oral speaking; Presenting; Teaching and Oral arguments
Social networking; Public relations and Friendly personality
Exceptional organization and process orientation.
Able to think quickly under pressure and observant to solutions and opinions.

If you have any questions or work for offer, please email me at: or send me a forum PM here.

Added Key skills / aspirations.