C++ Gameplay, Tools and UI Programmer for hire

I’m about to end a 1 year contract working in Unity3D on an iOS/Android game. Before that, I had a one year internship working on another iOS/Android game in Unity3D. Before that, I specialized mostly in C++ in college. I’ve been working with Unreal on the side during my current contract, and am quite excited to jump into a full-on project! My specialties are Engine Architecture, UI Programming and Tools programming, though my experience is primarily in UI, networking frontend, and Gameplay. I dabble in computer graphics, motion graphic animation(not art, just UI animation and responsiveness), and procedural generation.

Available starting immediately
Portfolio & Resume
Skype: firestorm713
Work for pay only. Contract required for all engagements, monthly or hourly. I have bills to pay just like everyone else.
Rates: Hovering between $25 and $30, but I’m flexible, so ask. You won’t insult me.
Location: Currently Orange County based, but I’m open to both working remotely and relocating.
Serious offers only, please.