C++ Gameplay Programmer + Some Backend Integration

I’m hiring another programmer to help on Wanted.

GDD: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FqOONVXbFl3cip5pavlUnb4qeaSxtjkHyWbvnvRf7q0/

Website: https://playwanted.com/

Here are the current projects I’m looking for help with. Looking for someone with the availability and knowledge to work on them.

Review / Expand / Refactor
Character locomotion

  • Stand
  • Crouch
  • Prone
    Prematch spawn area “Train Station” & train spawn
    Randomized environment tiles
    Projectile penetration
    Interaction system
    Shrinking Playzone around Wanted player

Horse mounting and movement system
Skill system
Base weapon system

  • Exposed weapon variables
    Equipment system
  • Weapon mod system
    Item spawners
    Bounty System

User Interface integration. HUD & Menus
Playfab or Gamelift backend integration for matchmaking
Vivox Voice integration for proximity voice chat
Discord rich presence integration
Steam inventory integration

Contact through Discord preferred. :slight_smile:
My user name is MeowMiau#4811
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[TD]Nathan Weatherford

Lead Designer | Cat Code Games

								phone: [321.695.2133](tel:321.695.2133)

email: [EMAIL=“Nathan@CatCodeGames.com”]Nathan@CatCodeGames.com

discord: MeowMiau#4811

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